Friday, November 13, 2009

Trials of Chaos Results

I went into round four tied for Overall Lead. I beat an Eldar Player for a 17 point win. The Chaos Player who i was tied with got Destroyed and gave up 23 point to third Place. So I took Second (Best general) I can not believe the success I had at my first tournament. It was well run and a lot of fun.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Trials of Chaos: Game 3 (Nurgle) CSM vs. Imp Fist (SM)

Every Terrain Piece is an objective your Troops must be completely in a terrain piece to hold it. (There are seven pieces of terrain)

Spear Head

Special Rules
Any unit not completely in cover suffers 1D6 hits a S3 AP-
Movement is slowed by 1D6 for everything
Everything is slow and purpose full and there fore relentless
Vehicles that roll a 1 cannot move that turn

I start with my Rhinos ready to run across the board and get to his troops that will be spreading out and holding objectives. My Defiler is behind them and ready to rain fire on them. I have three troop choices and he is going to split his squads so he will have 4 to 6 choices. I have to get in his face an kill his options. With movement so slow it will be hard.

He split his devastator squad and his troops and deploys them in cover.

Turn 1
He spreads his guys out and shoots some missiles at the defiler and it 4's my defiler. He is happy.

I move a rhino forward and get a 1 on the other immobilizing it. I shoot with the defiler and miss.

Turn 2
He drops a drop pod of Stern Gaurd w/ Lysander next to my Rhinos and tells me he is going to destroy me he splits them into two squads. They shot and destroy My Rhino with Kharn in it he gets out with his KB

I get nothing from reserves this is good My defiler drops a Battle cannon on his Stern Gaurd killing squad and two from the other squad. I assault the other squad and kill it then move toward Lysander who is alone now. He can't believe how easy it was.

Turn 3
He get his Iron Clad it Drops right next to my other rhino and shoots and kills my defiler he is very happy. He also gets another Rhino and splits the squad in it and comes in on the side close to my DZ. Lysander Assaults Kharn and his squad. Kharn kills him and two of his own. Lysander does no damage. He is now singing the praises of how great Kharn is.

I get my termies my oblits and my Greater and my Lesser. The greater pops next to his Iron Clad, My Termies drop next to his devastator and one squad of Oblits next to them for support and the other in the back by his new rhino the lesser drop in to Terrain to hold an objective. Kharn Splits from his squad to move faster and runs for the new squad that entered. The Termies Heavy Flame his devastator and kill a few of them. Then oblits kill the rhino and the other oblits start killing his guys in cover. The Great Daemon assaults his Iron Clad and kills it.

Turn 4
He is no laughing because everything is in trouble He deep strikes his Speeder in and it kills my last rhino. He shot and his squad runs from Kharn

The Termies shoot then assualt the oblits ran some fire Kharn gives chase and The greater Daemon destroys the Speeder

Turn 5
He shot at Kharn and Kharn makes his saves

Kharn catches and kills them all The termis kill the next squad and all he has left is two drop pods

The Game Ends I get 23 out of 25 points

The Greater Daemon and Kharn

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Trials of Chaos Game 2 (Tzeentch) CSM vs. IG

Game 2 (Tzeentch)
Eight Objectives (I place four on my table half he places four on his 8 inch Seperation. I then secretly assign a value 1-4 to each of his objective and he does the same to mine.)

Mission Rules:
All cover and Inv save receive a 1+

Table halves 12 must be at least 12 inches from center

I place three objectives in a triangle in the back middle of my DZ and one on the for left in cover.

He places two on my far right in his DZ in cover and then one in the back middle of his board and one half way between the two groups of objectives.

I assigne the objectives on the left a value of 4 and 3 the on in the middle a 1 and the in between a 2.

I Guard:
This is my first time playing against IG so I am hazy on what he had.

Shriken in a squad with a PF in a Cham.
Three other Cham. with IG
two or three Russes
A tank w/ a sludge cannon
the tank with the Battal cannon
and the tank with all the laz.
and a Sentinel with AC

He deployed everything Sent. on the right behind his two objectives

Then all of his tanks in nice rows in the back middle.

and one squad out in cover on the objective in the middle.

I deploy both Rhinos w/ the KB and Kharn on the right along with my defiler. The rest in reserve.

Turn 1:
He tries and fails to Steal the Int.

I race my Rhino w/ Kkarn and company up the right side it pops smoke. My other rhino moves up to some cover and pops smoke my defiler moves up and fires at the tank w/ the battle cannon. I did not know it had FA of 14 so nothing happens.

He shoots at and hits Kharns Rhino with a bunch of stuff but smoke is getting me a 3+ cover save and I ignore most of it ending up with one 1 result on the rhino.

The other Rhino gets popped and the KB get out. losing one in the blast. The defiler gets a 4 but it was in the perfect spot and not planning to mave this game so no loss.

Turn 2
I roll my termies should of had more but he had a master of the fleet so it hurt my reserve rolls.

I dropped my Termies on his left flank

Kharns Rhino races up to the cover on his side holding two objectives and I get a 1 on my DT test and it is stuck on the far right side of the board but close to the objectives. My defiler fires and gets a 2 on one of his tanks. The Termies run to spread out.

He moves his Tank with the Las and two Cham over to deal with the Termies. Shriken and his squad get out. He shoot like 6 melta guns at the termis and with their 4+ Inv they save every thing. Then I loss one to a las gun (LOL) Shriken and buddies assault the last four an kill two Shrieken and friends all die. The defiler is also destroyed

Turn 3
I get a squad of Oblits and the lesser. I had the Lesser pop off of the Rhino Kharn is in and they would run during Shoot Phase and sit on both of the objectives. The Oblits drop to help the Termies who have an IoK so I do not even have to roll scatter.

The Oblits kill(5) the tank with the Laz and some Tank Commander.

The Termies assault one of the Chim and blow 5 it

Plus side here is both were 5's so I have cover from his other tanks shoting back.

His surviving Chim Moves and kills the last two Termies. The others are closing on my objectives the IG get out and shot at my KB and fire the spludge cannon at them. I am down to three back here.

Turn 4
I get the Greater and the other Oblits.

The Great replaces my Skull champ in my DZ to deal with the Spludge cannon The oblits drop behind the spludge cannon to deal with the othe tanks coming up.

The other oblits kill the Chim that killed the Termies. Kharns KB get out and Hold the objectives that the Lesser had so they can assault the Setnal to keep it form contesting Kharn goes to help them. The Spludge tank dies

He is amazed at how many of his tanks are dead and that he only sits on one objective and I have three. He starts pushing everything up to do any thing he can His back squad comes out of cover to sit on two objectives and we go to five. He kills the last two kb on my objectives

Turn 5
Kharn was supposed to kill the Sent on his turn but did not so he is stuck in CC with means he can go kill all the gaurd on the other two objectives.

I blow up his charging Chim and his second to last squad get out.

He moves them up on the dead of another tank with a 6 for his DT movement then runs them right between my Greater and Oblits that just killed the tank but I had left to much space between them so he roll a 6 for run and gets to an objective.

Game ends

I am on two objectives worth 3 and 4 for Seven Points He is on three objectives worth 1 and 2 and the one he ran for at the end worth 4. for seven it a DRAW.

He was amazed that it was a close game. He said I thought the Termies would die and then I would roll over you He said how lucky he was to get the tie.

Great game the funnest i would play all day. I walked away with 10 points.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Trials of Chaos 40k Tournament: Game 1 Bat Rep (Slaanesh) CSM vs. TAU

This past Friday I competed in my first 40k Tournament. It was hosted by Adeptus Minneapolis and played at my local shop Tower Games. In a field of 20 the competition looked stiff.

Almost every army was fully painted some of them amazingly so. There is a display case in shop that has two Slayer sword winning models and a number of golden Daemon winning models as a sign of the level of painting you may see at any time.

My List: The Red Hand 1500pt
7 Khorne Beserkers
1 Skull Champ w/ PF

7 Khorne Beserkers
1 Skull Champ w/ PF

2 Oblits
2 Oblits

Defiler w/ Havoc

Termis w/ Icon of Khorne
3 w/ LC
1 w/ Combi-Melta
1 w/ Heavy Flamer and Power Fist

1 Greater Daemon
5 Lesser Daemon

Game 1 Slaanesh - CSM vs. Tau 1500pts
6 objectives pitched battle.
You place your three objectives in the opponents deployment zone and he yours. 5 bonus points if you hold all three of the objective you place.

No deepstrike, reserves, outflank... everything start on the board first turn. If it is a daemon it has to Daemon strike in your deployment zone. No Steeling the Int. and EVERYTHING gets an extra D6 movement due to Low Grave.

You also subtract the turn from your leadership for all leadership tests. ie on turn 3 your leadership is -3

I place three objectives on his side in a Triangle as close as posable to each other and the back of the board. He placed his spread evenly across my Deployment zone.

I start with two Oblits on the far Right of my zone with a clear line of Sight of all three of the Objectives he placed.

On the Left I have my Defiler, Two Oblits, 5 Termies 3 w/ LC 1 w/ Combi-Melta and 1 w/ HFlamer and PF and Icon of Khorne
with Two Rhinos of KB 1 with Kharn.

My plan is to rush the three objective markers I placed and kill everything holding them and count on the leadership reduction each turn to really hurt the Tau.

He places Two Hammerhead in his deployment zone and the spreads out two squads of Stealth suits and Fires Warriors in cover every where and Has like 20 Kroot with Hounds on my right side. There are models everywhere all getting cover saves.

Turn 1:
I go first and start moving up the left side all out. My oblits fire at his hammer Heads making there sight check and failing to pin. Other oblits drop PC templates and kill a few drones. Not a lot else

He Moves everything on the right up and with the extra D6 seems to only roll 6's FW and Kroot moving 12 inches. They open up and kill both of my Oblits on that side. He the shoots at my other side and wounds one oblit and start killing Terminators. After the smoke clears I have 2 Termies left.

Turn 2
My lesser Daemons arrive and I drop them on one of the objectives he placed in my DP zone and also in cover. They all pass their DT test. I keep moving up and shooting to minor success.

He starts shooting destroys a Rhino and my Defiler and starts shooting at the KB that got out. Then moves a wall of FW up to block my advance. His Kroot get another 6 and move 12 more inchs and are now all the way down the right side and on an objective.

Turn 3
I get My greater Daemon who arrives via one on my Skull Champs blowing up and he steps out of the KB that no longer have a ride. He moves toward the Lesser D holding an Objective he is behind a hill so has complete cover. My remaining Rhino TS through his FW and moves to the objectives on his side of the board. I start shooting at his FW and they start falling. With the reduced leadership they fall back quickly. He thinks this is a mistake on my part because I can no longer assault them. I run my KB toward the objectives.

He spreads his kroot out over two of the back objectives. He fails his leadership on the regroup and the FW run off the board his leader was part of this group. he moves up to get max fire on everything I have and kills all but on of my KB on foot and finishes off all but one oblits and 3 and 4 against my Rhino. He start to Shoot at my Lesser Daemon with his Kroot and they go to ground he still kills four of them with a 3+ cover.

Turn 4
Kharn and KB get out of Rhino Kharn splits from squad and charges a large group of FW the other KB attack a group of Stealth Suits. They kill everything! My Oblit blows up a Hammerhead and my PF from my KB get the other on the Assault of the Stealth Suits. I charge my Greater Daemon out to block the advance of the Kroot toward the third objective.

His kroot kill the Greater Daemon with a hail of gun fire he moves his remaining FW and Stealth suits up to shoot at KB.

Turn 5
I kill everything he has left on his side and hold two objectives there and one on my side.

He stretches out his remaining squad of Kroot who are holding two objectives and is going to shoot at the last lesser and force a Draw as time has told us this will be the last turn. He wounds me five times with Rapid Fire and I go to Ground and make all Five 3+ Cover Saves for the win. We roll the dice and it is a 2 the game would have ended no matter what.

I score 19 out of 25 points pretty good for my first Tournament battle ever.

Lesser Daemon went to ground and saved the day. Also placing the objectives so close to the back of the board. It made his troops likely to run off the board from just being shot at due to the leadership reduction.

Monday, October 5, 2009

40k is not broken!

Here are the reasons I love 40k and think that even though each new codex is stronger than the last, at least according to the Interwebs chatter, that it is not broken.

Every army has its strength, even the Necrons, they also have there weaknesses, even the IG. Each new codex has countless geeks, myself included, scouring them for the strengths. They then put together the best army they can to beat the current trend in Army lists.

The old army's don't reread their own codexes looking for a way to beat the new they throw out the same list and try their luck. The problem is that the new codex/IG player has read his book thinking about your army and has put together a way to beat it. He is fighting the next war and you are still fighting the last.

This is what the US did in Vietnam.

The IG are beatable but it takes a thinker to beat them. If you are only starting to figure out how to beat them as they setup across the table from you, good luck.

You need to look at your list and think about what you might face and build to fight it. This is hard, it is much easier to copy the crowd who have figured out how to win with the new codex, than it is to be original and think for yourself.

There is a reason that very few Generals names are remembered throughout history. It is not easy.

How do you take a fresh look at your own army? Throw out what you are doing. Look at ways to beat the current trend. For Mech we spammed Melta now what? Once you have an Idea go back to your list and make it work. You will find units that were once useless they might now have a value. If nothing else they will be something unfamiliar for your opponents. The challenge before all us non-Gaurd Players right now is not our codexes it is our own nature. It is time to overcome our own habits and change not to a new codex but to a new style of play. What will work. I don't know but I am going to look for it and I am going to find something that is new to cause these copy cat list to have to think for themselves. Something I know most will not be able to do.

The Guard are strong because everyone has spent points on a powerful weapon with an effective range of 6 inches (Melta). Time to change.

40k is not a game where the same tactic is going to win over and over again. If it worked last month it is most likely not going to work the next. Tactics can over come everything even bad dice.



Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Painting Progress

So, I have not been playing a lot lately but I have been painting. Here are some pics of my current progress.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chaos in the Old World

So, while I wait for Space Hulk I gave this one a chance. After all this is All Things Chaos. We played this three player, (our forth was to tired to play) It says three to four but they mean four.

It is a very different game. Each of the four gods has their own set of objectives, rules and powers. We found that it was easy to go after your own and ignore everyone else. Unless you were Khorne then it is your objective to kill everyone else. This was a mistake, you have to slow down the other gods and give yourself time to win.

It will take a few games as each of the four gods before I can even start to form a winning plan. I liked that you can play a game in 1 - 2 hours this is refreshing. After hours of gaming with Risk God Storm.

I like it but will I still play it after Space hulk is released. We will see.


Friday, August 21, 2009

2000 pt Army List Khorne

I am looking for some feed back on a 2000 pt list I am considering.

Land Raider
Kharn the Betrayer
Berserkers x 8
Skull Champ w/ PW and MB

Land Raider
Berserkers x 9
Skull Champ w/ PW and MB

Land Raider
Berserkers x 9
Skull Champ w/ PW and MB

Land Raider
Terminator w/ Lightning claws and Icon of Khorne x 4
Terminator Aspiring Champion w/ Lightning Claws and MB (I think)

We all know that Berserkers are nasty, the Terminators allow me to have a fourth Land Raider and with Lightning Claws and the Icon of Khorne they have 4 attacks each 5 for the aspiring champ all rerolling to wound w/ PW's. That means that on the assault they will have 26 PW attacks re-rolling to wound and in terminator armor. That is crazy!

This list is pure close combat, yet with four Land Raiders it had 8 Twin Linked Las Cannons and 4 Heavy Bolters all with 14 Armor.

Thoughts please.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Red Hand (Chaos Space Marines) vs. Tyranids (1500pt)

This was my first time facing Tyranids it was a fun game. But, I have one question after the game.

I wiped his troops off an objective with a Greater Daemon. While his troops were alive I was contesting the objective, once they were dead and I was alone on it am I still contesting the objective?

My opponent claimed that I was no longer contesting the objective and that if the game had ended on turn 5 I had one he had one and my greater Daemon and Sorcerer who stood on the third were not contesting because all of his units were dead so it would have been a tie.

Is this the way it works?


I now know how this works.

Contesting Denies the other the objective up does not do anything for you. It is not some sort of half point.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Marneus Calgar - Gift for my Nephew

So even though it is against everything my Black heart of Chaos believes in. I painted the hated leader of the Ultra Marines whom I am now sure I will face in battle.

Here are the pics.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Battle Report - Black Templar & Chaos Space Marines vs. Space Marines & Tau

How it Finishes

This game has been a tale of the dice the SM and Tau can't roll over a two and Chaos is rolling only fives and sixes. When lesser Daemons take five wounds have a 5+ inv save and make four of them things are not going well for you.

At the start of four the last of the reserves come in, One Greater Daemon. He pops out of one of the rhinos and prepares to assault the Legion of the Damned, really the last chance they have to win the game is to get the legion to our objective and to cause as much of a distraction to us in the process.

The Legion of the Damned get lashed out by the daemon Prince coming up behind them, into the cross fire of the Oblits and even with their 3+ inv save get hammered I think they had three figs left after the four plasma cannon hits.

The rhino with the Lash uses its melta instead and kills the Iron Clad Dred blocking the bridge. The Greater Daemon assault and finishes off the Legion.

The Rhino gets blown up leaving a squad and my Lash in the open. Farsight and his posse assault the lash and his boys. He has a int 6 and Farsight only a 5 this lash has not used his PP because the melta fired from the hatch and the DP did the job for him. He lands one unsaved wound on Farsight and Insta kills him with the force weapon. Tau leader very angry at this point. Rest of his squad get slaughtered and sweeping advanced.

The game goes on after five but we have no takers and it ends.

Final thoughts.

When facing the Tau make sure they have the side of the board with the most terrain. Make them face LoS decisions every turn.

I hate Legion of the Damn and only got luck this time around.

SM Skimmers, by BT partner had them I don't think I will like them when i have to face them.

Over all we got lucky the dice were are today and the choice to have their objective on the bridge help us a lot.

Fun game Chaos had minimal losses, we sent the Black Templar (unlikely bed fellow that they were) out to do the dying. Needless to say they had heavy losses.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Planet Strike: First Game

Game one, this is a quick view of the Battle Field and some of the scenery and new pieces.

I just got the 3Gs and am testing out the video camera. It also has a better camera so I now can capture the detail of my images.

So, they well be up soon.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Round one - The First of the Team-Up Battles

Tau and My Chaos vs. SM and Black Templare.

The owner of the Tau has built a large gaming table in his garage complete with river bridge and terrain. (Pic's to come) We are using new missions they had to hold two objectives and we had to hold one of ours and take on of theirs.

It was corner deployment for them infiltrate for us. My Tau partner did well with this and I gave too much respect to the Mech of the other side and deployed very poorly.

I lost my Land raider early and this left Abaddon and the Berserkers in the open. Luckily the BT drove theirs right up to me. My Deep Striking termys and Oblits landed and took out the LR and Abaddon and the Berserks took care of the cleanup. The Tau took out the SM vindicator early and then were tied up dealing with a BT Dreadnought. They would spend three turns dealing with that. (humph)

the BT did drop a Venerable Dreadnought on me but with in the range of my two Oblits twin-linked meltas. (Bad Idea)

The SM deepstriked two squads of Deathsomthings? into the mix and they drew all of our fire until they were dead.

This was a fun game. Once the Tau had finished off the Dreadnought and brought the firepower to bear against an army defending and tied up with Chaos they were impressive.

The game ended on turn 5 due to the late hour when it ended Chaos and Tau had won but if we had played it out who knows.

I had one issue where I did not understand the LoS rule for Plasma Cannons ie that there is one and was upset because I had wasted a lash in order to setup the shot. If it had been know I would have played it differently and to much greater effect. But it was fare in the wash because my berserkers had rolled an extra dice each in their first assault.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fisrt Battle, (Not a Battle Report)

So, after weeks of painting I had my first 40k battle. It was less a battle really and more a long drawn out learning process. It ended up being a three player match with my Black Legion vs. Space Marines vs. Black Templar. This was a 500 pt match (Take and Hold Objectives, 5) on a table less than 3 ft x 3 ft with Spear head deployment. Needless to say a blood bath ensued.

We planned this as more of a shack down game in order to start working out the rules. I had a Termy Sorcerer with Lash and a Rhino, two squads with Melta. The Space Marines had a Chaplin and squad and two other squads with Heavy Weapons. The Black Templars had two squads both with heavy weapons and a Dreadnought, not sure who his HQ was (doesn't matter hid the hole time and saw no action.)

Anyway the highlight for me was deep striking three Terminators, one with Lightning claws and one with a heavy flamer, right into the Space Marine Heavy Weapons units dropped two with the heavy flamer, then was assaulted the next turn to try and cut down my advantage. They were assaulted buy two squads so it was 8 on 2 (I had lost on Termy on a bad save in the shooting phase) What I learned here is that when the terminators are fighting anything without power weapons they are out of control. The cut up the SM with out an issue. It was to late in the game to make a difference for me but it did keep kept the SM from winning too.

The Lowlights list is longer.

1. I had two squads of CSM and my Termy Sorcerer in close combat with the chaplain and his squad and all three of my units, both CSM units and the Sorcerer failed there Moral checks and fell back on my turn leaving all open to the shooting phase of both the SM and the BT.

2. My Rhino was destroyed on the first turning pinning me on the side of the board.

3. I had some of the worst rolls, like 3 hits with lighting claws needing nothing to wound and not wounding anything

Other noteworthy events, the SM Las shook the Dreadnought on the first turn and destroyed it on the third. Very funny.

All in all it was very informative.


Monday, April 20, 2009

500 Point Chaos Space Marine Army

My first Army List, is it any good? I have no idea, but I will find out as I plan to play my first match next Sunday against my brother Matt. I hope that it has a little of everything so that I can use it to start to focus my larger Army lists and learn what Chaos can do as I develop my angles for Success.

500 pt CSM


Chaos Terminator Sorcerer 140 pt
Mark of Slaanesh

Chaos Space Marines 150 pt
5 Marines
Havoc Launcher
Extra Armour

Chaos Space Marines 85 pt

Chaos Space Marine Terminators 125 pt
3 Terminators
Lightning Claws
Heavy Falmer

So, this is my 500 pt army, I hope that I will be able to deal with some Space Marines and Black Templars Marines.

Wish me luck


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting Started with 40k Chaos Space Marines

Hello, I am Ash and I have been drug away from WoW and into the world of 40k. My brother dropped our social guild in WoW and started painting Space Marines. Well, I followed and am almost done with my Chaos Terminator squad, (Black Legion) pictures to follow. We have also lassoed another brother who is working on a Black Templar Army.

I have found reading others blogs every entertaining and informative. So, I am starting my own. It will take some time for me to get it up and running but this is the start. I have to say I love Jawaballs blog and videos, even if I can't stomach Space Marines and also Black Matt's blog.

I hail from Minneapolis and want to say that Tower Games in Minneapolis and Phoenix Games now in Deephaven are great shops and have been very helpful in this process.

One last thought on how I am starting this. My brother who pulled me in has been laid off from his job. He is amassing an army from pieces that he has had for 20 years mixed in with pieces he is getting from ebay. My other brother is getting started with pieces left over from these ebay purchases. Needless to say they have a great start for very little money.

I on the other hand have a great job and am doing well. I could buy everything that I need on ebay cheap. Instead I go to Tower Games (seven blocks from my house) and I pay full price, for paint, models, everything. See I like Tower Games, I like that they are right down the street. I want them to stay there. Here is my point, if you can afford to support your local shop, do it. They are the corner stone of our gaming communities. Help them out, they are not jacking up the price, trust me. They are just covering overhead and eking out a living. Show them love when you can.

ok thats my first post.