Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Red Hand (Chaos Space Marines) vs. Tyranids (1500pt)

This was my first time facing Tyranids it was a fun game. But, I have one question after the game.

I wiped his troops off an objective with a Greater Daemon. While his troops were alive I was contesting the objective, once they were dead and I was alone on it am I still contesting the objective?

My opponent claimed that I was no longer contesting the objective and that if the game had ended on turn 5 I had one he had one and my greater Daemon and Sorcerer who stood on the third were not contesting because all of his units were dead so it would have been a tie.

Is this the way it works?


I now know how this works.

Contesting Denies the other the objective up does not do anything for you. It is not some sort of half point.

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  1. You need to be more sneaky to make use of contesting :) Like rolling up with some lightning fast vehicle on turn five and hoping you won't be destroyed. Then again, it is far more manly to destroy your opponent :)

    Nice little game as well, nice winter board also. I recently moved to the Twin Cities (last Friday even) so I am looking for some gaming action. Wouldn't mind fighting a few games either as soon as my poor Imperial Fists have recovered from the warp jump. Plastic glue to the rescue!

    Feel free to get in touch, you can find my email on my profile:)