Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Red Hand (Chaos Space Marines) vs. Tyranids (1500pt)

This was my first time facing Tyranids it was a fun game. But, I have one question after the game.

I wiped his troops off an objective with a Greater Daemon. While his troops were alive I was contesting the objective, once they were dead and I was alone on it am I still contesting the objective?

My opponent claimed that I was no longer contesting the objective and that if the game had ended on turn 5 I had one he had one and my greater Daemon and Sorcerer who stood on the third were not contesting because all of his units were dead so it would have been a tie.

Is this the way it works?


I now know how this works.

Contesting Denies the other the objective up does not do anything for you. It is not some sort of half point.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Marneus Calgar - Gift for my Nephew

So even though it is against everything my Black heart of Chaos believes in. I painted the hated leader of the Ultra Marines whom I am now sure I will face in battle.

Here are the pics.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Battle Report - Black Templar & Chaos Space Marines vs. Space Marines & Tau

How it Finishes

This game has been a tale of the dice the SM and Tau can't roll over a two and Chaos is rolling only fives and sixes. When lesser Daemons take five wounds have a 5+ inv save and make four of them things are not going well for you.

At the start of four the last of the reserves come in, One Greater Daemon. He pops out of one of the rhinos and prepares to assault the Legion of the Damned, really the last chance they have to win the game is to get the legion to our objective and to cause as much of a distraction to us in the process.

The Legion of the Damned get lashed out by the daemon Prince coming up behind them, into the cross fire of the Oblits and even with their 3+ inv save get hammered I think they had three figs left after the four plasma cannon hits.

The rhino with the Lash uses its melta instead and kills the Iron Clad Dred blocking the bridge. The Greater Daemon assault and finishes off the Legion.

The Rhino gets blown up leaving a squad and my Lash in the open. Farsight and his posse assault the lash and his boys. He has a int 6 and Farsight only a 5 this lash has not used his PP because the melta fired from the hatch and the DP did the job for him. He lands one unsaved wound on Farsight and Insta kills him with the force weapon. Tau leader very angry at this point. Rest of his squad get slaughtered and sweeping advanced.

The game goes on after five but we have no takers and it ends.

Final thoughts.

When facing the Tau make sure they have the side of the board with the most terrain. Make them face LoS decisions every turn.

I hate Legion of the Damn and only got luck this time around.

SM Skimmers, by BT partner had them I don't think I will like them when i have to face them.

Over all we got lucky the dice were are today and the choice to have their objective on the bridge help us a lot.

Fun game Chaos had minimal losses, we sent the Black Templar (unlikely bed fellow that they were) out to do the dying. Needless to say they had heavy losses.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Planet Strike: First Game

Game one, this is a quick view of the Battle Field and some of the scenery and new pieces.

I just got the 3Gs and am testing out the video camera. It also has a better camera so I now can capture the detail of my images.

So, they well be up soon.