Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Round one - The First of the Team-Up Battles

Tau and My Chaos vs. SM and Black Templare.

The owner of the Tau has built a large gaming table in his garage complete with river bridge and terrain. (Pic's to come) We are using new missions they had to hold two objectives and we had to hold one of ours and take on of theirs.

It was corner deployment for them infiltrate for us. My Tau partner did well with this and I gave too much respect to the Mech of the other side and deployed very poorly.

I lost my Land raider early and this left Abaddon and the Berserkers in the open. Luckily the BT drove theirs right up to me. My Deep Striking termys and Oblits landed and took out the LR and Abaddon and the Berserks took care of the cleanup. The Tau took out the SM vindicator early and then were tied up dealing with a BT Dreadnought. They would spend three turns dealing with that. (humph)

the BT did drop a Venerable Dreadnought on me but with in the range of my two Oblits twin-linked meltas. (Bad Idea)

The SM deepstriked two squads of Deathsomthings? into the mix and they drew all of our fire until they were dead.

This was a fun game. Once the Tau had finished off the Dreadnought and brought the firepower to bear against an army defending and tied up with Chaos they were impressive.

The game ended on turn 5 due to the late hour when it ended Chaos and Tau had won but if we had played it out who knows.

I had one issue where I did not understand the LoS rule for Plasma Cannons ie that there is one and was upset because I had wasted a lash in order to setup the shot. If it had been know I would have played it differently and to much greater effect. But it was fare in the wash because my berserkers had rolled an extra dice each in their first assault.