Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Painting Progress

So, I have not been playing a lot lately but I have been painting. Here are some pics of my current progress.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chaos in the Old World

So, while I wait for Space Hulk I gave this one a chance. After all this is All Things Chaos. We played this three player, (our forth was to tired to play) It says three to four but they mean four.

It is a very different game. Each of the four gods has their own set of objectives, rules and powers. We found that it was easy to go after your own and ignore everyone else. Unless you were Khorne then it is your objective to kill everyone else. This was a mistake, you have to slow down the other gods and give yourself time to win.

It will take a few games as each of the four gods before I can even start to form a winning plan. I liked that you can play a game in 1 - 2 hours this is refreshing. After hours of gaming with Risk God Storm.

I like it but will I still play it after Space hulk is released. We will see.