Thursday, November 12, 2009

Trials of Chaos: Game 3 (Nurgle) CSM vs. Imp Fist (SM)

Every Terrain Piece is an objective your Troops must be completely in a terrain piece to hold it. (There are seven pieces of terrain)

Spear Head

Special Rules
Any unit not completely in cover suffers 1D6 hits a S3 AP-
Movement is slowed by 1D6 for everything
Everything is slow and purpose full and there fore relentless
Vehicles that roll a 1 cannot move that turn

I start with my Rhinos ready to run across the board and get to his troops that will be spreading out and holding objectives. My Defiler is behind them and ready to rain fire on them. I have three troop choices and he is going to split his squads so he will have 4 to 6 choices. I have to get in his face an kill his options. With movement so slow it will be hard.

He split his devastator squad and his troops and deploys them in cover.

Turn 1
He spreads his guys out and shoots some missiles at the defiler and it 4's my defiler. He is happy.

I move a rhino forward and get a 1 on the other immobilizing it. I shoot with the defiler and miss.

Turn 2
He drops a drop pod of Stern Gaurd w/ Lysander next to my Rhinos and tells me he is going to destroy me he splits them into two squads. They shot and destroy My Rhino with Kharn in it he gets out with his KB

I get nothing from reserves this is good My defiler drops a Battle cannon on his Stern Gaurd killing squad and two from the other squad. I assault the other squad and kill it then move toward Lysander who is alone now. He can't believe how easy it was.

Turn 3
He get his Iron Clad it Drops right next to my other rhino and shoots and kills my defiler he is very happy. He also gets another Rhino and splits the squad in it and comes in on the side close to my DZ. Lysander Assaults Kharn and his squad. Kharn kills him and two of his own. Lysander does no damage. He is now singing the praises of how great Kharn is.

I get my termies my oblits and my Greater and my Lesser. The greater pops next to his Iron Clad, My Termies drop next to his devastator and one squad of Oblits next to them for support and the other in the back by his new rhino the lesser drop in to Terrain to hold an objective. Kharn Splits from his squad to move faster and runs for the new squad that entered. The Termies Heavy Flame his devastator and kill a few of them. Then oblits kill the rhino and the other oblits start killing his guys in cover. The Great Daemon assaults his Iron Clad and kills it.

Turn 4
He is no laughing because everything is in trouble He deep strikes his Speeder in and it kills my last rhino. He shot and his squad runs from Kharn

The Termies shoot then assualt the oblits ran some fire Kharn gives chase and The greater Daemon destroys the Speeder

Turn 5
He shot at Kharn and Kharn makes his saves

Kharn catches and kills them all The termis kill the next squad and all he has left is two drop pods

The Game Ends I get 23 out of 25 points

The Greater Daemon and Kharn

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