Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting Started with 40k Chaos Space Marines

Hello, I am Ash and I have been drug away from WoW and into the world of 40k. My brother dropped our social guild in WoW and started painting Space Marines. Well, I followed and am almost done with my Chaos Terminator squad, (Black Legion) pictures to follow. We have also lassoed another brother who is working on a Black Templar Army.

I have found reading others blogs every entertaining and informative. So, I am starting my own. It will take some time for me to get it up and running but this is the start. I have to say I love Jawaballs blog and videos, even if I can't stomach Space Marines and also Black Matt's blog.

I hail from Minneapolis and want to say that Tower Games in Minneapolis and Phoenix Games now in Deephaven are great shops and have been very helpful in this process.

One last thought on how I am starting this. My brother who pulled me in has been laid off from his job. He is amassing an army from pieces that he has had for 20 years mixed in with pieces he is getting from ebay. My other brother is getting started with pieces left over from these ebay purchases. Needless to say they have a great start for very little money.

I on the other hand have a great job and am doing well. I could buy everything that I need on ebay cheap. Instead I go to Tower Games (seven blocks from my house) and I pay full price, for paint, models, everything. See I like Tower Games, I like that they are right down the street. I want them to stay there. Here is my point, if you can afford to support your local shop, do it. They are the corner stone of our gaming communities. Help them out, they are not jacking up the price, trust me. They are just covering overhead and eking out a living. Show them love when you can.

ok thats my first post.


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  1. First of all. $95 for a plastic tank model is highway robbery. Tower Games is getting ripped off too. But I also support the game shops. They are fun places to go and play. I have the option of going to micheals or a craft store to buy paint and stuff (a place where women are) but I like the GW shop better. I wish the women would see it that way too.
    Secondly, I ain't layed off, I still have a job but there is no work. While there is no work I am on paid holiday you might say. Anyway I will be resuming work in one week. We will hope the jobs begin to stack up behind the current one.

    So in conclusion quit saying I am laid-off and get your throw away shock troops from ebay and buy a soda at Tower when you go to play.

    (The contents of this sub-blog where intended to be humorous and should be received as such)