Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Trials of Chaos Game 2 (Tzeentch) CSM vs. IG

Game 2 (Tzeentch)
Eight Objectives (I place four on my table half he places four on his 8 inch Seperation. I then secretly assign a value 1-4 to each of his objective and he does the same to mine.)

Mission Rules:
All cover and Inv save receive a 1+

Table halves 12 must be at least 12 inches from center

I place three objectives in a triangle in the back middle of my DZ and one on the for left in cover.

He places two on my far right in his DZ in cover and then one in the back middle of his board and one half way between the two groups of objectives.

I assigne the objectives on the left a value of 4 and 3 the on in the middle a 1 and the in between a 2.

I Guard:
This is my first time playing against IG so I am hazy on what he had.

Shriken in a squad with a PF in a Cham.
Three other Cham. with IG
two or three Russes
A tank w/ a sludge cannon
the tank with the Battal cannon
and the tank with all the laz.
and a Sentinel with AC

He deployed everything Sent. on the right behind his two objectives

Then all of his tanks in nice rows in the back middle.

and one squad out in cover on the objective in the middle.

I deploy both Rhinos w/ the KB and Kharn on the right along with my defiler. The rest in reserve.

Turn 1:
He tries and fails to Steal the Int.

I race my Rhino w/ Kkarn and company up the right side it pops smoke. My other rhino moves up to some cover and pops smoke my defiler moves up and fires at the tank w/ the battle cannon. I did not know it had FA of 14 so nothing happens.

He shoots at and hits Kharns Rhino with a bunch of stuff but smoke is getting me a 3+ cover save and I ignore most of it ending up with one 1 result on the rhino.

The other Rhino gets popped and the KB get out. losing one in the blast. The defiler gets a 4 but it was in the perfect spot and not planning to mave this game so no loss.

Turn 2
I roll my termies should of had more but he had a master of the fleet so it hurt my reserve rolls.

I dropped my Termies on his left flank

Kharns Rhino races up to the cover on his side holding two objectives and I get a 1 on my DT test and it is stuck on the far right side of the board but close to the objectives. My defiler fires and gets a 2 on one of his tanks. The Termies run to spread out.

He moves his Tank with the Las and two Cham over to deal with the Termies. Shriken and his squad get out. He shoot like 6 melta guns at the termis and with their 4+ Inv they save every thing. Then I loss one to a las gun (LOL) Shriken and buddies assault the last four an kill two Shrieken and friends all die. The defiler is also destroyed

Turn 3
I get a squad of Oblits and the lesser. I had the Lesser pop off of the Rhino Kharn is in and they would run during Shoot Phase and sit on both of the objectives. The Oblits drop to help the Termies who have an IoK so I do not even have to roll scatter.

The Oblits kill(5) the tank with the Laz and some Tank Commander.

The Termies assault one of the Chim and blow 5 it

Plus side here is both were 5's so I have cover from his other tanks shoting back.

His surviving Chim Moves and kills the last two Termies. The others are closing on my objectives the IG get out and shot at my KB and fire the spludge cannon at them. I am down to three back here.

Turn 4
I get the Greater and the other Oblits.

The Great replaces my Skull champ in my DZ to deal with the Spludge cannon The oblits drop behind the spludge cannon to deal with the othe tanks coming up.

The other oblits kill the Chim that killed the Termies. Kharns KB get out and Hold the objectives that the Lesser had so they can assault the Setnal to keep it form contesting Kharn goes to help them. The Spludge tank dies

He is amazed at how many of his tanks are dead and that he only sits on one objective and I have three. He starts pushing everything up to do any thing he can His back squad comes out of cover to sit on two objectives and we go to five. He kills the last two kb on my objectives

Turn 5
Kharn was supposed to kill the Sent on his turn but did not so he is stuck in CC with means he can go kill all the gaurd on the other two objectives.

I blow up his charging Chim and his second to last squad get out.

He moves them up on the dead of another tank with a 6 for his DT movement then runs them right between my Greater and Oblits that just killed the tank but I had left to much space between them so he roll a 6 for run and gets to an objective.

Game ends

I am on two objectives worth 3 and 4 for Seven Points He is on three objectives worth 1 and 2 and the one he ran for at the end worth 4. for seven it a DRAW.

He was amazed that it was a close game. He said I thought the Termies would die and then I would roll over you He said how lucky he was to get the tie.

Great game the funnest i would play all day. I walked away with 10 points.

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  1. Sounds like fun games, and like you've done well. I unfortunatly thought that it was next weekend. I really need to get my 1.5k army up and running so I can game again:)