Monday, July 6, 2009

Planet Strike: First Game

Game one, this is a quick view of the Battle Field and some of the scenery and new pieces.

I just got the 3Gs and am testing out the video camera. It also has a better camera so I now can capture the detail of my images.

So, they well be up soon.



  1. Gets Hot! and re-rolls, If a model has the ability to re-roll its rolls to hit(including because of BS 6+), it may re-roll Gets Hot! results of 1 without suffering a wound, unless the result of the re-roll is a 1 as well. 40k 5th page 31.

    Side note. A roll of one on the second roll always results in a Gets Hot! wound.

    Rolling two dice together for twin linked is now no longer acceptable for any weapon.

    New House rule (Matt's Table): Troops may disembark from an assault vehicle during the assault phase only to assault and never more that 6" from the point of disembarkment, effectively eliminating their firing phase but granting an emergency assault. Tanks crews wound not fire through their own troops as a general rule or subject them to a possible enemy tank detonation.
    Units may exit during the movement phase and assault as normal as well.

  2. So basically you are saying that it is ok to forget to declare a disembark, and make up for it in the assaultfaze. Hmm. I suppose if it is a house rule then there you go, but I would rather we just get used to standard rules... I dont want to try and figure out real rules from house rules when we start playing at game shops.