Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fisrt Battle, (Not a Battle Report)

So, after weeks of painting I had my first 40k battle. It was less a battle really and more a long drawn out learning process. It ended up being a three player match with my Black Legion vs. Space Marines vs. Black Templar. This was a 500 pt match (Take and Hold Objectives, 5) on a table less than 3 ft x 3 ft with Spear head deployment. Needless to say a blood bath ensued.

We planned this as more of a shack down game in order to start working out the rules. I had a Termy Sorcerer with Lash and a Rhino, two squads with Melta. The Space Marines had a Chaplin and squad and two other squads with Heavy Weapons. The Black Templars had two squads both with heavy weapons and a Dreadnought, not sure who his HQ was (doesn't matter hid the hole time and saw no action.)

Anyway the highlight for me was deep striking three Terminators, one with Lightning claws and one with a heavy flamer, right into the Space Marine Heavy Weapons units dropped two with the heavy flamer, then was assaulted the next turn to try and cut down my advantage. They were assaulted buy two squads so it was 8 on 2 (I had lost on Termy on a bad save in the shooting phase) What I learned here is that when the terminators are fighting anything without power weapons they are out of control. The cut up the SM with out an issue. It was to late in the game to make a difference for me but it did keep kept the SM from winning too.

The Lowlights list is longer.

1. I had two squads of CSM and my Termy Sorcerer in close combat with the chaplain and his squad and all three of my units, both CSM units and the Sorcerer failed there Moral checks and fell back on my turn leaving all open to the shooting phase of both the SM and the BT.

2. My Rhino was destroyed on the first turning pinning me on the side of the board.

3. I had some of the worst rolls, like 3 hits with lighting claws needing nothing to wound and not wounding anything

Other noteworthy events, the SM Las shook the Dreadnought on the first turn and destroyed it on the third. Very funny.

All in all it was very informative.



  1. I cannot beleeve how bad blue dice roll. Green worked better.

    Lessons learned
    Black Templar: The only way to win is not to play.
    Space Mairne: Shoot terminators with heavy weapons not Assault terminators with heavy weapons.
    Chaos: Get that Plasma cannon dude now! But, 1st get that Plasma cannon dude!

  2. The clock on your blog is wrong!

  3. Black Templars were a set up poorly, honestly. I (yes, they were mine) have learned a lot since then. Their small cheap squads of 5 can hold a missile launcher or lascannon as a heavy and a plasma gun as a second powerful punch. If deployed to the max limit of 6 troops I can field 6 missile launches and 6 plasma guns for a measly 576 points.... 606 for the lascannon substitute. This leaves me a weaker HQ for a 750 Game but who cares, Chaos will be in total disarray as I blast them from a far.

    Well, that is the theory anyway. I suppose we will have to play it out to see.

  4. What was meant by "the only way to win is not to play" was let the other two duke it out and then mop up.